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Remote Tube Videos for YouTube


Enjoy your favorite Music Videos, Movies, Channels, Playlists and more with Remote Tube for YouTube! Watch your favorite YouTube Videos on a Tablet and control it from an Android Phone. You’ll definitely fall in love with it! Cross platform app – works with any combination of Android Phones, Tablets & iOS devices - iPhone, iPad.No Limits! App is completely FREE!
▶▶▶▶ Features ◀◀◀◀
+ Remote control for YouTube with any combinations of Phones & Tablets+ Search & Discover your favourite Music Videos on YouTube, Movies and more from your Remote. + Multi-Tasking Support: Keep Watching your Videos on your Main device (iPad/iPhone) and in the background browse and search more videos from your Remote.+ Beautifully designed Player with Play, Pause, Sound Volume Control, Seek, Mute/UnMute sound, Shuffle, Repeat, Next/Previous Video support in the Video Player from the Remote. You can also like, dislike, add to playlist, subscribe, add to watch later & more.+ Current Playing Video details are shown on your remote while you browse/search for more Videos. Switch to Player mode by just a tap.+ Best suitable video quality is automatically chosen.+ Browse with YouTube Login OR you can browse without logging in YouTube also.+ Browse & explore What to watch, Favorites Videos+ Browse & explore Liked Videos, Watch later Videos, Your Uploads, Playlist+ Easily manage your playlists.+ Watch latest in your Subscribed channels on YouTube+ Browse & Watch your favorite YouTube Categories like Music, Entertainment, Sports, News, Comedy and much more!+ Cross Platform support – works across Android and iOS devices. Supports Phones, Tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod. Remote & Display Devices as: Android – Android, Android – iPhone/iPad, iPhone/iPad – Android, iPhone/iPad – iPhone/iPad.+ Easy and Quick connectivity between devices. Best in class Discovery, pairing and Connectivity of the devices. Supports both Same Wifi mode, Auto discovery. Both the devices needs to connected to internet also. Even there is an advanced settings option of Auto connect for fast connectivity.+ Supports changing Country location. App automatically discovers the country. However, if you still would like to change the country, it’s supported. For eg. Say you are from UK and you want to watch the Top Videos of US, you can use this feature.+ Beautiful & Modern UI. Intuitive Player.
Get Remote Tube for YouTube Today and see for yourself what you have been missing!! Relax and Enjoy watching your favorite music videos, channels, new & trending videos and more. Share with friends on social networks Facebook, whatsapp & more.
Easy to do Setup:1. Make one Phone OR Tablet as a Remote2. Make another Phone OR Tablet as a Device3. Both the devices need to be on the Same WiFi Network. Also the devices needs to have internet access.4. Discover, pair and connect the two devices5. Now control YouTube from the Remote!
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Notes:1. iPhone, iPad, iPod & iOS are Trademarks of Apple Inc2. Android, YouTube is Trademark of Google Inc.